Driving Behavior: 5 Keys to a safer fleet

Fleet Management

Traffic violations, accident, and other risky driving behaviors add operational costs to the fleet. Car monitoring system can help reduce these events and their associated costs by providing more visibility into what your drivers are doing while on the road. Car monitoring device enables you to monitor seat belt usage, hard braking, and hard acceleration to help improve driver’s safety. To support your efforts in modifying driver’s behavior, the system gives data on all speed-related incidents and manhandling of the car related issues. These reports allow you to organize the data. With this information, you can discipline drivers who continually violate company’s policies. There are some keys to the safer driving behavior:

  1. Monitor safety habits– Training drivers and vehicle operators would not just cut back on the fuel costs, it will also be a positive for your vehicle’s overall performance and safety. Drivers should be educated about the importance of driving habits, and be familiar with the tools to implement better driving habits. Risky behavior should be eliminated at all costs; it could be from rapid acceleration to sudden and over speeding.
  2. Regulate over speeding– It should be prohibited to the driver to cross speed limit anytime. Over speeding can stress the engine and increase fuel consumption. Tracking vehicle speed and notifying the driver in real time can help reduce the fuel usage and save the company some cost. GPS trackers calculate the speed of the vehicle on the basis of the distance covered and the time taken.
  3. Eliminate personal activity– ThinkRace Technology’s automated moving, and geo-fence reports monitors if the driver is using the car for personal use.
  4. Recognize and praise positive behavior– Appreciate efforts put by drivers to improve their driving behavior it will show the other drivers how you appreciate good work. To follow this tactic you observe their driving behavior through OBD real-time GPS car tracker and praise drivers who have performed well. Also, don’t be afraid to hand out rewards for good driving habits.
  5. Define and set goals- Set goals after evaluating the current situation to get an improved result. ThinkRace Technology’s GPS OBD tacking device will help you determine what driver’s technical capabilities and in capabilities are. For example, if hard braking and fast cornering are persistent problems, the organization will need a solution that can capture and report these events.

As a Fleet manager, you need more than just basic car tracking system, you need ThinkRace Technology’s 4g OBD tracker, and we have a comprehensive set of tools to monitor driver behavior in order to provide rapid feedback. Driving behavior improves when each driver know there is a device that tracks their activity is in place. Driver in a monitored vehicle is more likely to obey speed limits, brake, reduce idling time, and use caution in changing lanes.