Elderly GPS tracker- Because Aging Parents need more care and attention!

Old people care

As painful as thinking about being old, but passing through this age is common and everyone has to pass through this stage of life. But, however you may prepare for it, old age comes as a surprise!

Being old or young is largely a mindset. Change your mindset/ Perception and things will start changing for you. It is time for you to stop hoping and start choosing to live a long and healthy life. Why not drop that excuse “I’m too old” and start doing what you always dreamed of doing by breaking the stereotype.

Enhance your self-value and find happiness within

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

Technology is neutral; it’s depending on how it’s used. In the same way, a lot depends on what kind of an old age you would like to have! It is time for you to stop hoping and start choosing to live a long and healthy life.

Do you see yourself touring the world as a couple, seeing places you haven’t been to, staying at comfortable inns and eating at the best restaurants? Or, do you see yourself comfortably settled in a rocking chair by a fireside, reading and enjoying an occasional drink? Else, are you one of those who expect to remain active and adventurous well into old age, biking, trekking and maybe Para-gliding like someone did even at the age of 104! Which one are you?

Finances and health apart, the right attitude that ensures you a satisfactory old aged life!

How can one prepare for old age in a manner that brings the satisfaction of having led a good life rather than regrets? Most people take care of finances and even focus on health so that these two aspects don’t hold you back from enjoying a comfortable old age life. However not many pay attention to their attitude towards life and living, which is a critical element in shaping the quality of life in one’s old age.

Apart from finances and health, ThinkRace Technology a leading GPS tracker manufacturer has introduced a new way to encourage seniors to take responsibility and start adopting a new and more empowering belief. If you are thinking what it can be, then Elderly GPS Tracking Smartwatch PT88 is the best solution for your need & and help families feel secure that their older family members are able to live on their own.

How our product make seniors feel independent and responsible?

  • Real-time location: Get exact and reliable real-time location
  • Multi-Mode Positioning: Supports GPS, LBS, Wi-Fi, and also trace history of up to 3 months
  • SOS Emergency call: In case of emergency, tap on the SOS button to trigger a crucial call
  • Two Way Communication: Dial & answer the calls and conduct voice message
  • Health Monitor: Report & monitor sleep, calorie, pedometer, real-time distance through API and platform

Are you beholding for something valuable to gift your elder one this year? Then nothing can be better than gifting a smart GPS tracking watch PT88: a bunch of happiness, freedom and a blissful life ahead to prevent the dangers of wandering.

Why choose us?

We at, ThinkRace Technology provides complete OEM/ODM/JDM services to our clients and helps in turning their great ideas into commercially with a powerful combination of high quality and after sales technical support.