How fuel monitoring can be helpful for your fleet management business?


Properly managing your fuel spend is an extremely important business practice for fleet managers. In recent years, many fleets are noting a rise in fuel fraud and tracking it has becomes a daunting task.

Purchasing fuel is the second highest expense for fleets. It is also no secret that driver behavior has a direct impact on fuel efficiency. Researchers found that by improving driver behavior, fuel usage was dropped by 5-10 percent and in the case of aggressive driver it dropped by 15-20 percent.

So how do you set up a fleet fuel management system that helps you to optimize your fleet’s fuel usage and encourage safe driving habits?

GPS vehicle tracking solution can help you save money on fuel.

Idling vehicle can add more miles in engine wear and tear in a year. That in result can add additional maintenance costs. For your car business you can use OBD car tracking system that helps you to view idle time per vehicle, driving behavior and many more. Easy-to-read dashboards provide quick views of fleet operations. You can even monitor performance, track how idling affects your fleet and can educate drivers about the importance of reducing idle times.

Right solution to improve your fleet business

Maintain the speed limit

Driving the speed limit isn’t just about the safety, but it also plays an important role in mileage rates. Every vehicle comes with a speed range where it reaches optimal fuel efficiency. There is a steep drop off in fuel economy past 50 miles per hour, comparable to paying an additional penny per gallon for every 5-mile-per-hour increase.

Encourage drivers to stick to the posted speed limits to promote both fleet safety and better fleet fuel management.

Promote safe driving

Aggressive, rough and erratic driving gives a big impact on your business in terms of both safety and saving. When you driver frequently slam on brakes or floor the gas pedal it is not only putting your fleet at risk but it is also the money that is slipping away from your pocket. Train your driver for safe driving, to reduce wear and tear of vehicle and improve fuel consumption.

Reduce engine idling

To make a biggest impact on your fleet fuel management is to eliminate engine idling. Limiting idling can save your fuel and money. So how you will build idling reduction into your fuel management system? OBD car GPS tracker is your universal answer. It wisely calculates idle hour per vehicle, estimated cost and amount of fuel wasted so that you can ensure your fleet isn’t idling unnecessarily.

Plan routes wisely

To avoid extra time and to improve your fleet fuel management, optimize the route. Plan the route to avoid heavy traffic and look for the most efficient path between the stop to reduce both mileage and fuel usage. If possible combine the trip to prevent back and forth.

Perform regular maintenance

For smooth running and fuel efficiency regular vehicle maintenance is very important. Make sure your fleet engines are in good shape. Avoid untreated maintenance – for this you can use OBD car tracker that is inbuilt with vehicle health detect feature that tracks and monitor your vehicle health.

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