How GPS OBD car tracking system is modifying the current scenario of fleet management?


Technology is making it easy to run a business that rely on vehicles more efficiently. The major factor in taxi business is to track the performance and safety of your fleet. In-vehicle devices used in this solution are designed to work effectively in adverse conditions. Security and safety utility for drivers and passengers along with the operationally efficient solutions make GPS OBD tracking solution a complete package for taxi management.

Using GPS OBD car tracking systems can bring many benefits:

Automatic guidance-Taxi business wants solution that can help them in maintaining uniformity in number of jobs assigned to drivers and drivers are on job after assignment. This saves time as delay in work mean a vehicle is off the road on working hours which will ultimately cause loss to the company.

Live tracking- GPS OBD tracker allows customers, drivers, and fleet owners track fleet taxi cab and vehicle movements from the booking status screen. This way, customers can check how far their ride is and you’ll be able to see a complete overview. Activities of taxi are also saved for later review of the taxi fleet owner.

Vital diagnostics- A vehicle health report provides diagnostic, maintenance, and recall information so you can stay on top of your taxi’s requirements. GPS OBD car tracker will alert you when it’s time to bring car for maintenance and also provide other useful information to help you keep your fleet of taxi cars running.

Database history- Telematics helps in maintaining record and calculate vehicle efficiency, and enhances the performance by bringing certainty in business decision making. It gives data on trip start and stop, idle time, what was the maximum and average speed of the driver. This information is provided in daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly logs.

Driver management- Driving history that shows when the trip started and stopped, taxi fleet manager can set a maximum speed limit for the car with GPS OBD II tracker and get alerts when the driver goes over that speed, quick accelerates, or takes hard breaks.

Zone control- Geo-fencing allows the taxi owners to set certain zones in which they want the car to remain. If the car enters into one of these boundaries or exits from them, the taxi fleet owner will get an alert.

Accuracy- GPS technology sends accurate arrival times, distances, and ride fares to the customer for their maximum convenience.

ThinkRace Technology offers 4G OBD trackers, according to the needs of taxi fleet owners. We offer solution that is equipped with features specifically designed to bring ease in operationsof your fleet. We will helps you optimize the usage of shared resource by reducing the time slots where the vehicle can be used.