How GPS system is streamlining your fleet business?

Thinkrace OBD

Managing costs in the Fleet business are the number one challenge Fleet managers faced daily, to ease never-ending struggle to ease the expenses fleet managers need OBD GPS tracking system for fleet management. With GPS OBD system, you can instantly get maintenance and repair history of your vehicle. You can make an informed decision about when to service your vehicle. When you have the ability to track and monitor the speed, location, engine performance, and driver behavior of your fleet any time virtually, anywhere you are.

Control repair and replacement- Proper maintenance lead to a healthier vehicle, a well-maintained vehicle has less risk of a breakdown or unexpected problems which ultimately leads to saving more. Most preventive maintenance is based on a vehicle’s mileage. A telematics system automatically calculates mileage, provides daily notifies you when vehicles have reached preset maintenance intervals.

Placement of your fleet- Keep your fleet where it can be productive, this streamlines your fleet and minimize wait time. With GPS system in your fleet, you can give instruction to the drivers to place the vehicle where it can be utilized more effectively.

Eliminate paperwork- With a telematic system, engine diagnostics will let you eliminate paperwork by the online vehicle service tracking system, and it will set reminders of preventive measures. You can also analyze service reports to improve lifecycle of your fleet.

Lower fuel consumption- With monitoring speeding and fuel usage, car monitoring system can identify inefficient vehicles that need repair, also drivers that are speeding. Using OBD real-time GPS vehicle tracker will help you to route your vehicles more efficiently, reducing total miles driven and overall less fuel usage.

Monitor emission- High emission levels signals problems with a vehicle’s engine. Using a diagnostics based system helps you to identify engine problems early. This can help you save the time and expense of complex repairs. Report on excessive emissions will also help to identify possible engine problems that can lower fuel efficiency.

Tire maintenance- After fuel, tires are the biggest cost consuming for fleets. Whereas driving fewer miles puts less damage on tires, so they need to be replaced less frequently. Telematics can help control costs; you can manage according to how much time a vehicle is on road. To reduce total miles driven, telematics provides features that will help you in making better decisions by viewing near-real-time maps of all vehicle locations and their status, route the closest vehicles to the next job and by providing point-to-point directions, fleet utilization reports to monitor overall fleet mileage trends and develop more efficient routes. Regular tire maintenance is essential to extend tire wear and help you cut down on fuel consumption.

With the integration of ThinkRace Technology’s car OBD GPS tracker, there are many ways in which you can get benefits for your business. Saving money on fuel, optimizing productivity through time management, increasing employee’s satisfaction and improving customer satisfaction are just some of the benefits of fleet management you will enjoy by implementing this system to your business.