How GPS tracking devices can make your festive gatherings enjoyable and stress-free?

Personal Safety

Festive occasions are an essential part of our lives. Spain has been a host to a plethora of festivals that draw huge crowds from all over the world. From La Tomatina to the Bull-running festival, the Spaniards crave to be a part of these festivities and enjoy it to the last brink. But we still have an important question to ponder over: Are we undertaking enough security measures to ensure that our loved ones are safe and sound?

Although Spain has been a hub for festivals all around the year, many cases of stampede and injuries have been a part of these social events. In 2017, a fire broke out during the Tomorrowland music festival in northeastern Spain and 22,143 people had to be rescued. Being the second most visited country of the world with around 82 million tourists visiting Spain annually, it becomes the responsibility of our tourism industry to ensure the safety of the visitors as well as the common public.

We know how important your loved ones are to you. Therefore, ThinkRace Technology brings to you the ultimate gift for you and your family amidst a crowded place. Now, you may enjoy festive celebrations, live concerts and all your social gatherings with our Mini Personal GPS Tracker PT36. Do not be afraid of the swarm of public and stand out in the crowd without any worries!

The device is a cheap mini GPS tracker that tracks the real-time location of your loved ones using the three-mode positioning systems (GPS, Wi-Fi and LBS). It is a portable and lightweight device that comes with the exquisite features of voice monitoring and SOS call button that can be triggered in case of emergency situations.

Key features of Mini Personal GPS Tracker PT36

  • Magnetic Charging port
  • In-built Pedometer
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Compatible iOS and Android systems

The device could act as a boon for the people who come to attend these over-crowded gatherings from across the globe. The GPS tracker can be of major use for tourism industry officials who can provide the device to all the visitors coming to Spain. This will help them enjoy a splendid vacation without any worries. Also, the device can be made available to the common public through the various festive stores that provide things related to the festivals such as costumes, masks and so on. This will enable all the people to be a part of the extravagant festive season of Spain and enjoy them to the fullest.

We at ThinkRace Technology, have an enthusiastic team of dedicated professionals who work day and night to bring to you safety solutions. It is our concern to serve mankind through innovative technological products and ensure that they lead a stress-free life. We also provide OEM/ODM/JDM services to our clients from all over the world.