How is GPS luggage technology transforming the baggage handling?


As the number of air passengers augments, airports, airlines and luggage Industry are investing in baggage handling technology to perk up the passenger experience, airport operations and their bottom lines.

Ten years ago there were around 50 million mishandled bags in the system each year; however, since then, an introduction of GPS asset tracking system has increased the way the people are travelling.  Today, technology that can track baggage while significantly reducing the number of mishandled bags, thereby augmenting the passenger experience, is more essential than ever.

The measured introductions of technology and improved systems have already considerably improved the baggage handling success rate.

The rise of bag-tracking technology

The GPS technology that features real-time tracking from check-in all the way to delivery of that bag to the passenger at the destination, but there are benefits beyond that too.

Passengers embrace self-service check-in

From check-in to flights to arrive at your destination, track and keep a digital eye on your luggage. Tranquil to track your belongings via simple app &application!

Tech to tackle mishandled bags

While the number of mishandled bags is declining, data from 2016 shows that 47% of mishandling occur during transfer. Equipped with outstanding features like pre-loaded Global SIM, asset monitoring system is the ideal way to make your holidays secure and safe.

With our customized app &application, tracking of bags is a simple process.

The future of baggage tracking

The technology is expected to further improve in the future. For the future of bag drop-off, however, intelligent machines could take off. With the right kind of GPS technology, your belongings will be safe and secure while traveling.


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