How ThinkRace Technology Improves transportation & logistics business with GPS Vehicle Tracker?

Vehicle Tracker

Today, GPS or GPRS technology is just not a tool to help you navigate from a location. It has moved far away from just being a navigator. From navigation to track almost everywhere GPS is present. Managing the movement of product from manufacturing facility to the buyers have increasingly become tiresome because of bad road networks, unprofessional drivers, thefts etc.

To overcome these challenges and ensure efficient on-time deliveries, ThinkRace Technology is a leading GPS tracker, IoT solution & fitness monitoring Equipment’s Company manufactured GPS vehicle tracker. The Company has 500+ top clients across the world. It provides ODM/OEM/JDM services so that client can manufacture their own vehicle tracker brand.

We are the largest GPS vehicle tracker wholesaler which developed a one-stop solution to finding the real-time location of your dispatch vehicles. We have many happy clients from the telecom industry, taxi companies etc. This tracking gadget has helped them to keep a tab on the fleet, safe arrival of their vehicle, driver behaviour and theft protection.

The innovation in this GPS vehicle tracker offers a number of benefits to your transportation & logistics business. From shipment to delivery, everything can be tracked via your mobile phone.

Add value to your Transportation & logistics business

Key areas where GPS Vehicle tracking device designed by ThinkRace Technology can add value to Transportation & Logistics:

Minimum Theft Risks: We experience heavy loss when the vehicle with valuable consignments is hijacked or stolen. So, instead of putting your business at stake use this tracking gadget to track your vehicle. In case if you find anything fishy you can take the necessary step on time.

Monitoring driving behaviour: This feature helps you to check your driver’s driving behaviour. Same way this tracking system is increasing fleet efficiency at the same time it can be helpful in monitoring driving behaviour. You will receive an alert message when your vehicle goes over speeding; vehicle goes hard cornering or harsh braking.

Real-time status updates: This vehicle tracking system comes with an advantage of real-time communication with the carrier. This feature helps the fleet managers to have a great control over the operations and can save the day.

Pre-Diagnostic of vehicle: With the help of this vehicle tracking system you can monitor the driving behaviour, check fuel consumption, jackrabbit starts, sudden acceleration and engine efficiency of the carrier.

ThinkRace Technology ODM service has helped many transportation and logistics company. Instead of investing your time and money after manufacturing you can have your own ready-made GPS tracking device with your company’s brand on it.  Get more safety, security and accuracy of your business with GPS vehicle tracking.