OBD GPS Car tracker- Embarking a right path towards safe driving for fleet drivers!


One of the main issues that are the main concern of the Government is road safety. It has been found in accordance with a recent statistical survey that Spain has the highest number of road casualties in the world.  With around 500,000 road mishaps per annum, it is quite unsafe to drive a car on the roads. Also, the majority of the incidents engage the youth aged 15-29 years. The scenario calls for urgent attention and something is to be done soon in order to shun more road fatalities.

Increase number of cases of road-rage

With renting business of cars on large scale, it becomes hard for the fleet owner to track each and every car and monitor the behavior of the driver. There is a pressing need to manage the cars and look for loopholes in case the driver is too rash or casual. Furthermore, the rude behavior of the driver may lead to dissatisfaction among the clients.

A tracking solution for fleet owners

In order to provide the clients with an ideal car monitoring device, we present new ideas to serve you and make your life better and safer. With an ultimate aim to serve you in the best possible manner and therefore, we bring to you our range of OBD car trackers that are equipped with the GPS tracking technology in order to deliver you with real-time tracking of your fleet.

An OBD tracker manufacturer provides you simple plug-in & play device that can be easily installed into your car. The device comes with a multitude of features such as real-time location tracking, history playback of the locations visited, and mileage and fuel consumption analysis and so on. The most notable feature that can actively prevent road accidents is the driver behavior analysis. This feature enables one to monitor the behavior of the driver.

Track and keep a tab on your fleet management solutions with car tracker technology that will go ideally with your cars. Without any kind of installation, a device that requires no technician to install this OBD tracking device!

ThinkRace Technology is a leading manufacturer of OBD trackers and provides customized OBDii ODM/OEM/JDM solutions to the car manufacturing and dealing authorities. We deliver the latest technology ridden OBD trackers that can assist in safeguarding your car and your drivers and contribute to the greater profitability for your fleet management.