Spain’s elderly location device for dementia patients turn out be a tracking and calling device

GPS smart watch for elderly

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia erase person’s memory. For them familiar surrounding becomes unfamiliar, which lead to difficulty in adapting new environment. The disease often leads to wandering which is a common and serious concern of caregivers. Wandering led many senior to become frightened, lost or walk into unsafe situation.

Thank to GPS technology that blessed us with tracking system. This tracking technology has introduced a new way for caregivers and families. ThinkRace Technology is the leading GPS Tracker, IoT Solution & Fitness Monitoring Equipment’s Company. Working with fortune 500 companies and helped them with tracking and fitness product.

Fortunately to prevent the dangers of wandering they manufactured elderly GPS smart watch. Location tracking devices are an increasing option for caregivers and families trying to diminish wandering.

In Spain, more than 500,000 people are living with Alzheimer’s. Globally, there are at least 40 million people living with dementia, making the disease a global health issue. To help caregivers and families elderly smart watch tracking device are great in demand.

Where other tracking devices are inbuilt for only tracking purpose, ThinkRace Technology took GPS technology to a new level and added many useful features in their GPS smart watch for elderly.

More than a tracking device

Along with built-in GPS navigation system for real-time tracking, the watch is equipped with two-way calling so that you always stay near to your elderly adults. With two-way communication elderly can easily make and receive call in a press of button. Technology driven to form a new shape that are keeping families together.

Your 24/7 pattern

With security motto, the smart watch has a SOS emergency button that will alert the caregiver or families when their elderly loved one fall in any sort of urgency. By triggering the SOS button an automatic alert notification is send to 3 contacts.

Safety buddy

Geo-fencing is another security feature added to this device. With the help of this feature families or caregivers can mark a safe area for their old people. Every time when they enter or exit the predefined area an alert message will be send to your mobile device.

The sole aim of this smart watch is to help healthcare, medical centers, nursing homes, old age home dealing with dementia patients. Elderly GPS tracker ODM/OEM/JDM services aim to help these targeted areas into creating their personal elderly GPS tracking solution for their organization. The only device designed specifically with Alzheimer’s in mind. For 24/7 tracking, our professional team provides complete App & Application customization. This revolutionary tracking device provides accurate location so that you never lose the track of your loved ones. Let’s create a safe environment for dementia patients. Contact us if your organization is in a need of an elderly GPS tracking system. We will be happy to assist you.